Have been busy with stuffs and took a short break from this space. I feel we have all become too busy with life that at times we miss living! We are constantly touching some screen or pressing some button so much so that children, as soon as they start to walk, start swiping the TV to check if they can change the channel. The best is what is becoming of relationships – swipe right or left! But deep down aren’t we sensing bits of stress and frustration constantly? Be it the traffic woes, weather, or constantly pressing deadlines at work, many factors contribute to a feeling of incompleteness in what we do. It is not surprising that often you come across people with cynical views or negative thoughts either cribbing about something or they feel they have not done enough. There is a constant sense of incompleteness about that batch mate who has grown faster or hike is not enough or not able to spend enough time with family. It helps to stop and reset our thoughts at times.


Probably the obsessive run behind the result started with the great prince Machiavelli. Though we may not believe that end justifies means like he did, we are still quite obsessed with the outcomes. It is important to realize that in every event there is an input and an output and things that we can control and we cannot. The effort that we put in any task is in our complete control and hence important to ensure nothing short of 200% in that. There are various known and unknown factors that drive the outcome. It may be possible to influence the known factors, however, the unknown will remain a surprise element and you can’t do anything about it, no matter how much you worry. This reminds me of the classic chaos theory – the data inputs that go into weather forecast is so complicated that a bird flapping its wings in New Delhi will have implications in weather in New York. This is called the butterfly effect, there is a nice movie by that name not related to this topic though try it sometime. Why fret over something that you cannot control, Relax and do your part well!


I am not talking about the random days like men’s day, grandfather day, dog day, etc that we have come to celebrate. While you can still do it, it is equally important to celebrate small milestones. It doesn’t matter if it has yielded great results yet, but still share small events with your friends and family. Now, I am not referring to posting it on Insta and craving for likes. There are other nicer ways of doing it! You went for a run three days in a row, go ahead and have a chat party with your friends, it doesn’t matter whether you are shedding those 10 kilos nor not. Focus on each day, celebrate small milestones, you’ll shed those kilos, better still achieve larger things in life too!


Each of us at times tend to think that our problem is the worst and we are the most stressed out. Interact with others and read about achievers, you’ll realize that each individual has a personal set of problems, much like a finger print and they have their own coping mechanism. It is not correct to expect everyone to leave their priorities and pamper you just because you have a problem at hand. To each his own! While there are many motivating stories of celebrities like JK Rowling or Sylvester Stallone, you’ll find many stories from people around you. The learnings I have received from my co-workers, neighbors and even domestic help is amazing about the way some of them cope with their problems. Your problem could be big; it is still not the biggest. You could think you are atlas, not yet!


Quite often it is quite disheartening to hear people mention that they feel unimportant and unlucky and they fail in every thing that they touch. Midas’ touch indeed! You may be the most f**ed up person, but still you are the most precious to yourself, your parents, your spouse and children. It is important to have that pride and self worth. Unless you are living alone in Mars, nothing can and should break that self-worth! It doesn’t matter what position you are in or how much you are earning, always the neighbor earns more! All that matters is, what you spread around you – gloom or bloom!


Ok, I made that up! Actually I believe world is one large library and all of us are books. It is impossible to know it all. It pays to be humble and be like a sponge. Absorb new learnings everyday. Trust me, the most profound insight could come from the least expected person you meet in a day. Read random things, speak to strangers, observe around you, you’ll be amazed with the amount things that are still unknown to you.

Here’re my 2 cents of interesting info which many may not know, if you know already, pat yourself on the back. In April, a lunar lander carrying tiny and exceptionally hardy animals called tardigrades crashed into the moon. In all probability they will survive years from now. Tardigrades are the most resilient species on earth. Measuring about 0.1MM, they can survive without water at 30yrs at -20 Celsius, 6000X pressure and 1000X radiation. Looks like this is tougher than Terminator isn’t it?

Tardigrades, the most resilient organism on earth!


Agree, I may have picked this line from some slick flick! But it is true. Despite all the gyan that’s there above, it is still possible to have bad days of dejection and negative feeling. One thing that has always worked for me in these situations is physical activity. If you have a string of bad days, pick up some heavy physical stuff. If you are a runner do an extra 5 km, or if you hit the gym, pump up extra iron or simple, put some music on and go for a walk. What tears can’t solve, sweat can!

What’s your reason?

Featured Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay, cartoons by the Author, Tardigrades and Bladerunner from Google.

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