Trex felt a jolt, the timer set off the adrenalin push in his blood streams and he woke up! The chip under his wrist, synced to his calendar for an important meeting that day, woke him up earlier than usual. He was still feeling groggy from the late night party with his friends last night and was finding tough to get up! The intelligent chip sensed his state and injected legally approved quantity of caffeine through his veins. He cannot afford to miss this meeting today. He saw his partner, Astro next to him, still in deep sleep, he still has time to get up.

Trying to shake out the hangover from the previous night, Trex walked into his freshening pod, which took care of oral and other hygiene routines and he came out clean and smelling fine. Just looked back at the pod and remembered the stories his grand father used to say about how they used water and paper for freshening up in the morning. He never was able to understand the necessity to waste water when you can get the job done with compressed hydrogen in lesser time! He momentarily cursed the older generation under breath for their irresponsible usage of resources. He took his morning dose of multi-vitamin for breakfast and entered his gym pod, connected his brain for the news and exercise feed. On the fifteen-minute routine, he was not able to really concentrate, his thoughts being disturbed partly due to insufficient sleep and mostly because of the heavy day ahead!

The previous week, their business head had conducted a review and was very upset with the slowing weekly growth rates. With the competitors releasing updates on an hourly basis, they were behind by a whole day! The revenue growth had flattened out for the week and the share price dropped significantly to about 500 bitcoins. Their CEO had promised a recovery within the month or they were looming at a hostile takeover by their closest competitor. Entire organization was quite anxious about it because the competitor’s takeover intentions were quite clear, they were keen to buy out the company for the cloud infrastructure which otherwise would be quite expensive for them to buy. They wouldn’t care about the employees and their personal challenges.

In the meanwhile, Trex has been having his share of personal challenges too. His partner Astro was having some unstable moments in the recent few days and was trying to get an appointment for the same. Astro has been acting quite strangely of late. Perhaps it was after they played a game last week with some old friends. He needs to attend to this before the weekend.

He really wanted plug out of the gym pod, but that would make his insurance void. He had to push through the fifteen minutes’ routine and take in the news and exercise feeds. After the fitness routine, his head was still throbbing and checked his watch if he can take in another shot of caffeine. It already showed amber to indicate that he was nearing his monthly quota. He still took the risk and had one more. He will try to cover it in the rest of the month. He still has ten more days to go!

Trex checked the bed, Astro was still there and no indication of getting up soon! He heaved a sigh and moved to his readiness pod and plugged his cord. It cleared all temporary memory and regurgitated his official engagements for the day from his calendar and mail box on cloud. He organized the thoughts and cast the presentation on the screen in front of him to recheck it again. If the meeting went well, he had promised a party for the team and being Friday, he was really hoping for the week to end on a happy note. He saved the contents in his important files folder in his brain and saved a backup on the cloud. He looked at his watch, was already running behind schedule and the time for the extra coffee has taken a toll on his timing. His partner not being active is another reason, for slowing down. He quickly hastened things up and walked out of the pod, all set for the day!

Trex knew it was an important day for him and the entire team. This would make or break their career and some of the ideas that he has put together can take care of growth for the next 26 weeks. The boss should be happy with this, keeping fingers crossed. He punched in and could see his entire team already in and they waved at him. They also knew the criticality of the day and could see the stress on Trex’s face. He quickly went into his zone to check for any urgent messages for the day. Thankfully everything else seemed normal. No major client escalation and the entire machinery running well. So far so good. At mid day he took his meal, the second multi-vitamin pill for the day. His bio watch reminded him to have water. He went to the vault and took the vial of water and kept it under his tongue. The vial is now made of organic minerals that give the extra nutrients. This was an upgrade from the earlier vials that were adding unnecessary calorie.

He saw the watch, time for the meeting. Logged into the bridge along with this key unit heads. The boss took extra two minutes to join and during the time, Trex ran his team through the ideas one last time. The boss came in and was quite disturbed. He started with his usual rants about how during his younger Uber used to transform business and fast. He seemed to have had his share of beatings from the CEO. Trex quickly cast his presentation from his brain on to the bridge and started explaining his ideas.

After 60 minutes of excruciating discussions, the boss finally seemed to be convinced with the idea. Trex and the team heaved a sigh of relief. They were to implement the ideas starting Monday. At least they have two days in between to wrap their brains around and start implementing. They plugged out of the meeting and immediately invited the rest of the team members to share the good news and brief them about the next plan. As promised they decided to meet at this new club for a grand party! Trex looked at the time, he has another one hour for himself before the party.

He removed his VR kit and walked downstairs to his bed room to checkout Astro. He was still down, Trex quickly checked for an appointment which he got luckily!

Trex picked up Astro and dashed out to the center. He needed to replace the battery before the weekend, they will be having some friends over!

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